• Project Commute

    Product Design, Brand Identity

  • Cisco

    UX/UI Design. On-going Projects.

  • Project Parenthood

    Brand Identity, UI/UX, Packaging

  • Manrke

    Brand Identity, UI/UX

  • Sharp SmartCentral 2015


  • Piatto Smart Tumbler

    Brand Identity, Packaging, UI/UX

  • Cross Campus

    Brand Identity

  • Flowater

    Packaging, UI/UX

  • RKS Design

    Brand Identity, Advertising

  • Tusk Magazine

    Editorial Design

  • Omiki Sake

    Brand Identity, Packaging

  • About

    Khoa Nguyen is a human-focused designer located in San Francisco Bay. He enjoys bringing conceptual, emotion-provoked ideas to life, and challenging himself by envisioning unique twists to existing works. His work includes UI/UX, branding/identity, packaging, editorial, and advertising design. In his free time, he hones his creative talents with photography, ceramics, painting, crafting, and lettering.
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